- What is ODROID Project Hosting
It’s an idea that I've had to help developers that needs to host images/files/web pages.

- How much disk space will be provided?
Initially.. 10Gbytes. If necessary, quotas can be increased.

- What can I do with it?
You'll receive a FTP account that you'll use to upload your files this account also includes fully featured PHP support
- Is MySQL available?
Only by request.
You'll receive this privilege for being part of the ODROID community. I do reserve the right to cancel your account at any time without previous notification.
You agree that you won't host any content that contains: Pornography,
Drugs, Adult Material, Copyrighted work, Religion related, Politics, Hate Speech, etc.
- How can I get one?
Simple. E-mail me  with the subject ‘Hosting’ and the following information:
First Name:
Family Name:
Primary Contact E-mail:
Secondary Contact E-mail(If available):
Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY , Gregorian Calendar): 
What hardkernel product are you developing for (Be specific there's tons of products):
What you are developing? (Software? Android? Linux? Kernel? OS Images?):
Preferred Nickname (oph.mdrjr.net/nickname): 
Once I receive this information, I will try to get your access credentials to you within 24 hours.