Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure (Director's Cut) - GoG Version


Additional Information:

The game only runs in 640x480.
There seems to be an issue with the input recognition. In game you need to press F1 to go to the inventory of Jack and also to go to the options menu where you can save games, configure sound and such.
Luckily the game does an autosave on every screenswitch, so it's rather easy to load a game that suffered from the issue anyway.
Sadly it happens quite often when you start a game that the F1 key does not work at all, which means you can't play major parts of the game since you can not access your inventory.
You should start a game and after you load a game you should try to press F1 to see if the inventory opens, if not you need to restart the game.
This can be quite annoying since you might have to restart the game 3 times or more until the key is working. Once it's working the game runs fine without any issues.
The game also seems to suffer from minor sound issues. Sometimes what ever people say is cut short and you only hear the last two words of a conversation (normally after you make someone talk for the first time after a longer period of not speaking).
Therefore I suggest enabling subtitles in the game.