Getting Started

When you first boot your ODROID, you will have one time setup process as an init.d script which will automatically resize your rootfs partition so expect a restart and wait for it to finish, for older images please use Gparted or any similar tool to resize the rootfs and expand it to fit your SD card size, this image will work without any issues on either SD card or an eMMC module.


ODROBIAN is a pure, clean and lightweight Debian community distribution built specifically for ODROID single board computers. The project is about getting the best experience out of Linux built upon Debian for ODROIDs, since there ain't any official images for this particular platform while it's mostly known for stability over ubuntu, the main goal is to represent a perfectly working OS with the least issues possible, hopefully.

Releases are categorized into editions:

Download OS Images

You can find our Debian release images on the repository. The OS images are located in "/odrobian/images" so just look for your ODROID platform and choose your preferred edition, it's currently available for:

Flashing OS (eMMC/SD)

According to HardKernel, you need a special tool to flash the image into your eMMC or MicroSD, since the S/W release binary is not a regular file as is in the storage. Linux users can use dd which is mostly included in many Linux distributions.

	odroid:$ sudo dd if=ODROBIAN-*.img of=/dev/path/of/card bs=1M conv=fsync
	odroid:$ sync

	Example Path:

For Windows Users, Hardkernel provide a flashing tool, Win32DiskImager. Refer to the official wiki, so you can download it and learn more about flashing to ODROIDs.

Default Login User

Here is the information for the default sudo user for both images which is pretty much the same as the official image:

	Username: odroid
	Password: odroid

ROOT (Experts-ONLY)

Here's also information for the root which is used preferably by the headless image as default user and can be used for the desktop image as well however, you're advised to change password immediately for security purposes especially on Vanilla

	Username: root
	Password: odroid

Other directories